Took a break.

2016-09-17 14:22:57 by WhatANobody

I'm back babies. 5956541_147413635661_image.jpgSorry, I took a week off, been under a lot of life stress is all. Having no income really stunts me.


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2016-09-17 16:32:56

Bender. Awesome. You should check out @Vespar's dubstep joint "Kill All Humans."

WhatANobody responds:

Is that in 2015 or 2016 submissions?


2016-09-17 20:09:20

It's in the audio portal. It's pretty decent

WhatANobody responds:

Hmm. I liked most of it but the drops weren't too heavy. Thanks for showing me this :D


2016-09-17 20:09:38

*recent. Stupid android keyboard