DarkSouls DLC

2016-11-22 16:46:22 by WhatANobody

So dark souls has 3 DLC's in all right? Guess who also will get 3? 5956541_147985115641_IMG_2743.jpg

Heyooo I'm broke.

2016-11-20 21:58:52 by WhatANobody

I mean doing commissions. I'm super broke. 5956541_147969702843_IMG_2649.png

Animation is fun!

2016-10-23 13:05:20 by WhatANobody

As hard as I'm practicing and working, it seems fairly worth all the stress to get things perfect. I've nothing I want to show just yet, but I'm saving my biggest project for next years Halloween. I do have something planned this Halloween, it's a colab. 


2016-09-27 21:00:55 by WhatANobody

Im taking a crack at animation at the moment, its an adult one as well, so idk if i'll be posting art inbetween. im really focused on the drawings/story at the moment, so i might just show screen shots from time to time. This'll be my first real animation and denpending on how  people like it, i'll make more. Im not started yet but here's the leading lady for it. 5956541_147502429522_shiromori.png


2016-09-22 02:44:15 by WhatANobody

My friend really influenced me to start selling my art, so let's see how it go's 5956541_147452661721_image.png

Took a break.

2016-09-17 14:22:57 by WhatANobody

I'm back babies. 5956541_147413635661_image.jpgSorry, I took a week off, been under a lot of life stress is all. Having no income really stunts me.

Any suggestions?

2016-09-08 21:50:59 by WhatANobody

I like drawing, but I'm out of the media loop so I do t know what people want to see. I like Dbz a lot so I can draw fan art of my favorite characters?


Friday updates?

2016-09-02 22:17:14 by WhatANobody

So far, I'm liking my experience. I even got five stars on my art :D I guess I'm open to commissions? That's what I do to get known right? 

I'm new here.

2016-08-31 20:18:12 by WhatANobody

So like I never used this site before, so I'm mostly gonna post lewds and maybe so practice arts. I'm happy to be here!